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By The Skin Of My Crooked Teet
I haven't cried in such a long time
But I've been thinking about it
Although it's hardly something to think about.
It's an action,
A physical display of emotion,
Proof that we're still human
But babe, I haven't been human for a while.
Although the hurt grows like a tumor
Between my heart and the outside world
I keep my feelings inside, tucked away
I promised myself I wouldn't write you a poem
I promised myself I would be over you by now
I promised myself I'd stop thinking about you
But half of the promises I make are lies
And the other half only see fruition
By the skin of my crooked teeth
So when you see me making good on one of them
You know exactly why I still read your journal
I keep you hidden in my mind like a refugee
I don't talk about you anymore
And nobody asks.
I hate every second of it.
Every minute without your voice in my ear
The love, the laughter, the lies
You were good and bad for me at the same time
I know that I'm an idiot for reminiscing
About the moments where there
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Lucid and Lonely
This old woman,
Lucid and lonely,
She doesn't know why she's here.
And this old man,
Angry and crying,
Knows exactly why he's here.
It's these cruel ironies that come to me
In between long shifts and puffs of smoke
Where I just can't help but laugh at the chaos.
How some people were born to millionaires
And get to crash seven cars before they pay for one
And somehow I can't seem to shake this area,
The poverty, the fines to the state.
Everything here is designed to pull you back in.
If only I could take that leap, I once said.
But the spaces drift further apart.
And I'm left here staring.
Now the world is getting dimmer,
You were once a beacon from the left coast
But now you're the darkest of all.
I'm left sitting here with the lonely old woman
And the cranky old man, both singing songs into my ear.
And I'm left wondering what could've, should've been.
But the day is not over yet,
And as long as I have a pulse,
I can turn it all around.
So I whisper into the night air
"Give me strength
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But what will become of us in this digital age?
Our bodies become useless as our
skin sags,
voices fade,
pretty soon they'll be hooking our brains
straight into machines.
We won't need these arms,
we won't need our hearts to pump blood.
And everyone you know will have a Facebook,
because it will be your body.
Your torso will be littered with apps and
your face will be your personal info.
Your heart will store all your notes
and your ears will play music.
And other people will see
exactly what you want them to see.
To the girl of your dreams
you'll be a deep-sea diver,
complete with a six pack
and large muscles.
And if she wants you back,
she'll be perfection.
But if she doesn't, she'll be a shadow.
She'll be a phantom,
commenting on other people's bodies,
giving everyone else attention except you.
No restraining orders, no awkward calls
asking you to leave her be.
You don't have to talk to anyone
if you don't want to.
And in this brave new world,
travel will be cheap.
Just think of a p
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When You're Blue
Rip down all the party banners
Git rid of these balloons
Remove all the decorations
My heart has built for you
'Cause I just stare at the door
Will it ever show your face?
I've sat in the dark for years
But I've decided to leave this place
I can only look you in the eye
When you're blue
That's just what you do
You cry, say you want another try
When you're blue
But baby, I'm through.
I know what I am to you
A distraction on lonely nights
A soft voice, a gentle whisper,
Coming from another time
When you go, you take the sunshine with you
You take the whole damn sky
And now my days are filled with
Dirty clothes and cheap wine
I can only look you in the eye
When you're blue
That's just what you do
You cry, say you want another try
When you're blue
But baby, I'm through.
Open the curtains,
Unlock the door.
The world is scary but
We've been here before
Yeah, she up and left ya
You don't know what to do
Boy, just keep on living
And we'll see it through.
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The Dogs of Love
When it comes to love, baby,
You're a chihuaha.
If you're sitting in the rain on a dark day,
Or if you're sitting on a beach, sun shining,
You're shivering either way.
Terrified of being alone
Like it's a fatal disease
You clutch to the one closest
Sitting in his lap
While he feeds you treats
Talking to me, telling me love stories
While you take him home for dinner
Sleeping in his bed at night,
But promising me that I'm the winner
But I'm done playing games,
I'm done shuffling cards.
I'm picking my heart up piece by piece
It's all around in shards
FYI, that last poem I wrote wasn't about you
And this one isn't neither
And the next ten poems I write about you
Won't be about you either.
Because baby, I'm a Saint Bernard
I'm all dumb confidence
And maybe I rush in too fast and too heavy
But I know where the bourbon is
My only fault is being loyal to one
And letting go of a bad situation way too slow.
But tonight,
I just might hit the mountaintop
See if I can pull somebody new out the snow
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Always Never Alone
So the window closed again,
just like I knew it would.
It's a cruel game you play, darling.
The bell rings and there you are, alone,
ball-and-chain lifted, pouting lips just begging.
It's at this point when the wolves come running.
Like a carcass, they surround you,
picking off scraps of your attention.
All vying for a shot at being the Mister to your
Miss Perfect, the groom on the wedding cake,
the male half of the half-heart on the keychain.
It's not your fault you're so marry-able.
And now I find myself standing in your deli line,
clutching my number, waiting for my turn.
Like a fancy restaurant, you're always full-up.
So I eat fast food until you're free again.
Because you're never alone.
You're never alone.
I'm always at home but you,
You're always never alone.
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Mature content
Nights Like This :iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 0
Ties her shoes, combs her hair
It's not the same
Her life is a game
But the rules have changed
Looking out, longing for
The world she knew
Empty faces and the space
Draped in shades of blue
She sees his face in the night
He haunts her dreams
She can't bear the pain
So she doesn't sleep
Wake me up in the middle of a daydream
Wake me up before the silence gets me
Somewhere there has to be a refuge
Wake me up before I start to miss you
Ties her shoes, combs her hair
It's not the same
She braces herself
For brand new day
"Just a few baby steps,"
Her friends all say
"Find another man to love
And you'll be okay"
When that love comes around
He won't be me
I'm one of a thousand things
That she can't see
Wake me up in the middle of a daydream
Wake me up before the silence gets me
Somewhere there has to be a refuge
Wake me up before I start to love you
I came so far for her heart
Risked it all
Just to watch her go
Can't compare to the dead
She's obsessed
And she'll never know
My love confessed i
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 3 0
Rubik's Cube
I'm not a puzzle
I'm not a maze
I'm not a problem to be solved
I'm not Rubik's Cube
I'm not Sudoku
I'm not complicated at all
Baby, I'm a slick machine
Fueled by a one-track mind
Working for a singular view
I'm seeing one destination;
Like the needle of a compass,
I gravitate towards you.
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 4 0
Mature content
Honey Bee :iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 9
Natural Light
The girl I wait for,
She does not wait for me.
I can't say I blame her;
She's playing her cards.
She's clinging to a certainty
Even as it rots her from inside
And though every instinct points away
She still can't help that feeling
That dread of loneliness,
The need to be something special
In someone else's eyes
Who could ask for anything more?
And though her dreams beg her
To rethink this relationship
She can't help but tiptoe closer
Right down that church aisle
And I know she's making the wrong choice
And I tell her she's making that choice
But still she tiptoes closer.
Because as long as I'm not there,
I can't save her.
And as long as I'm right here,
I can't have her.
So I shut up and watch,
Waiting for my ticket West
Towards the sunset
Towards her natural light
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 1 7
Mature content
The Heartbreak Avenger :iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 5
Mature content
Tatiana :iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 0
Planet Fitness
There are times
When you are the voice inside my head.
We walk along, having imaginary conversations.
At these times, you become my conscience.
Everything I encounter is seen through your lens,
Asking, "What would she think about this?"
"What would she say to me?"
Pathetic? Probably.
Desperate? Maybe.
Psychotic? Definitely.
But all-in-all, I think it's nice.
Because even when you're not around
I have a little piece of you to keep me company.
You're all I want at the end of a long day.
Just an intelligent, beautiful girl to talk to.
Just a girl who loves me for me,
Just a girl who listens.
No judgement, no drama, just comfort.
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 0
Love's Lottery
Silly girl,
Sitting around, moping,
Waiting to win Love's Lottery.
Don't you know it's futile?
They were lying when they told you
That the best things in life are free.
Free love is a wolf in sheep's clothing;
Free love will rob you blind.
It will adorn you with sweet words,
Make promises until you let it in.
It will intoxicate you
Until you depend on it like air.
And when it gets what it wants,
It will leave you broken.
As fast as it came, it will go,
And you'll be more alone than ever.
Silly girl,
Crying at the drop of a hat,
What you're looking for is real love.
It's a lot harder to find.
Love is not made in a vacuum.
Love can't be won in a game show.
Real love is slow-burning;
The construction lasts for years.
Real love is comfortable.
Real love is total acceptance,
From your finest attribute
To your ugliest flaw.
Real love doesn't fly in with the wind.
It's shipped to you, piece by piece,
And the instruction manual is in Jibberish.
Good luck putting it together.
I'd be happy for y
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 2 0
Goodbye Gorgeous
My love, you are a fine machine,
But you are not a car.
Let's get this straight.
Cars are driven, pushed to their limit,
Scrapped in search of a better model.
But I would cherish you forever.
I would not run your tank low,
Because I would pump you often.
I would keep you constantly full-filled.
And true, at times, I get excited
At the thought of revving your engine.
But I'll always turn you on first.
To me, you are not a vehicle.
You are not a bridge connecting to and fro;
You are the destination, the goal, the outcome.
You are what I hope to hold
In the winds and the cold
You are the bright light
In the middle of a dark night
You are a beautiful soul.
And only you can make me whole.
:iconcatmandingo:catmandingo 4 3

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